Oh Please Let it BE…

     I’m staring out the window. Ive checked the news, the weather channel, looked at maps and called a psychic… them kids have GOT to go to school tomorrow.  Not just for my sainity. Not just so I can get something done around here and not just so I will have more cuddle time with the boy. Only for the simple fact that at this rate we will never get those things they called blizzard bags done.
     Has your kids school implemented this?  What it boils down to is that our kids have used so many calamity days due to snow and the cold temperatures that our summer is going to suck.  So NO ONE wants that.  AND NO ONE wants to give up a frigging holiday we will have our cake and eat it too at the expense of my time. To remedy the fact that no one wants to give up anything they have assigned MORE WORK for us to complete at home.  Sounds simple right? Well its simple for the wild one she is in kindergarten.  Cut here color there practice writing and ten times and BAM you’re done.  The oldest one is in 4th grade. We might as well be freshman in college cause the amount of work WE have to do is unreal.  For science alone there is 11 study island assignments.
     If you’re not familiar with study island its a website for shit they don’t want to actually teach your child.  Your kid has to read something answer questions about it and then score high enough to get a blue ribbon.  Sounds simple enough right? Well it is unless you’re actually in the 4th grade. Then I guess from what I gather from the looks on her face its the equivalent to shooting yourself in the head.  And because she HATES it she ends up guessing unless I help her stay on track. What happens when you guess? Your freakin average goes down and then you have to take MORE questions until you get your average up to blue ribbon status. By the time we get 1 done its been forever and nothing has gotten accomplished around the house and the middle one and the boy have destroyed what is left of my house… and that’s just frigging science.
     In launguage arts there are more study islands and “don’t forget to read for AR”! WHAT THE HELL! I am a damn nurse when the hell did I become the teacher to these kids of more things other than growing up with morals and not killing anyone?
     If you arent familiar with AR it stands for accelerated reading. Other wise known as our school system no longer budgets for reading class so take your kid to the library and make them read at home and then take tests about what they read at school until your kids HATE  to read.  Getting the oldest to read is Hell. She doesnt want to take the tests.  Reading should be fun. It should be an escape. No. What are we doing? Raising a whole generation of nit wits who hate to read because its a chore.
      If I wanted to teach anything more than life skills I would have became a teacher. Because of my limited vocabulary for anything that ticks me off is never going to be age appropriate… that is NOT going to be in the cards.  So all this should be done in the school.  Which brings me to my original point… gawd make them kids go to school tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Oh Please Let it BE…

  1. It gets so much better when they get older….my stepdaughter is a freshman in high school and…

    1- doesn’t know how to read a clock

    Why? Why should she everything is digital.

    2- can’t do simple multiplication in her head.

    Why? What for…that’s why they give them calculators.

    3- doesn’t like to read.

    Why? If it’s any good there will be a movie and that’s pretty much the same thing.

    Your joys will go on for years!

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