What have we done?

     Im married.  I have been for about 12 years. Before that I was with my husband for about 4 years before we got married.  A lifetime it seems and in that time I can count about 5 times he actually got me something for Valentine’s day… give or take a few.  Now I must admit he is getting better at the smaller things. Romance is not his strong suit but I think after all this time he’s working on it. 
     The problem I’m seeing and really its just become a problem in the last four or five years is that people are completely buying into the commercial aspect of the day and not the actual intent. Did he go to Jared? Did he get you that Tiffany engagement ring you have pinned 105 times on Pinterest? Did he buy buy buy you something expensive?  Did he send flowers? If he sent you flowers what kind and how much did he pay? Its really all too much.   It’s like this for any holiday really and if you think about it, we have gone too far especially with our children. 
     Easter is coming up. When I was a kid that meant waking to find a small basket of candy, getting dressed up in something frilly and at some point blowing bubbles and finding some eggs in the yard.  Social media has killed this memory. Now it means waking up your kids finding a basket and a table load of loot ranging from candy to money and clothes and electronics… why? What are we buying here? Why are we constantly out there trying to prove that I am better than you and if you dont believe me, here look at these 45 pictures I have uploaded to facebook to shove it in your face that I am successful amd my children have more than yours. THATS HOW EVERYONE READS IT WHEN YOU DO THIS SO STOP IT!!!          
    When did we as a society come together and decide that these people who live in the Pinterest app are perfect and we must strive to be them at all cost? When did this happen and what have we done?? For every holiday out there we scour the internet for approval. Whats the latest trend, what are people doing?  How can I out do that?  Then you copy it or you try to out do it. You then take what inlike to call 25 in your face pictures. Usually in the best lighting in the cleanest spot in your home.  You then take those pictures and edit 5 of them. Making your life look magical. You then post them on facebook and say to your friends LOOK AT ME, IM BETTER! No youre a douche.  You in turn are making everyone feel insecure of what they did for thier children or significant other spawning a cycle of im better than you and this is why.
      Children are casualties in this game. They dont understand that this is a who is better thing or that they are being trained to do this in all future events and in turn WE are creating the bullies that attack the other children. Our whole I bought my kid a brand new car for ST. Patrick’s day is creating a flippin monster.
     If you dont believe me just go to an elementary school holiday party. Valentines day used to be a few cookies and maybe a sucker or two. Hang an envelope on your desk and at some point in the day those who liked you would place some valentines in your envelope.   Now its parents you need to make the most ridiculously large box to compete against other parents to see who can win as PARENT OF THE YEAR. You know what I see? Children who cant carry these things cause they are so completely out of control. I see parents that are so involved that they are taking the memories of our youth away.  25 years from now your children will be raising children of thier own. Think about this.  What are they going to teach them?  What have we done?



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