Stop Raising Wimps.

     I in no way am justifying bullying, being mean, or glorifying odd man out.  I was bullied as a child. I was made fun of to the point of torture some days. Not always. When I got older I moved and was given a second chance. Not once did I think that killing myself would solve my problems. Never did I think that taking a gun into school and shooting the place up will make them pay. I never cut myself to make the pain go away or hate what I was. You know why? Because my parents taught me better. I recieved love at home and I knew that no matter what one day it would get better because I was taught.  Read that word again. Taught. Which means someone at some point was there to teach me.
     My kids aren’t the best listeners in the world but never the less I teach them. This is what is wrong with our youth. The ipad teaches them, the goodnight show tucks them in at night and EVERYONE can be anything they want.  You want to wear a dress then you can wear a dress. Its ok son the other kids may beat the tar out of you but its your choice because we raise you to be non gender specific. Only a hand full of parents around you have raised thier child that way and they may never understand why you are in a dress but you wear that dress anyway because you want to.
     Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? I may catch some flack for that but COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP!! I’m really open minded and tolerant and even I see what is going on in society today. We are “raising” our children to do what ever it is they want instead of teaching them to do right instead of wrong. And after you have raised your children to believe that they can do anything and act anyway they want you want to complain that society doesnt accept them.
     Instead of raising them to be dysfunctional people who don’t know how to process anger or sadness lets take it back a notch. Because all this stems from us. Take responsibility parents this is your baby so to speak. Why do we have girls who are 14 having babies? Because you let them out of the house unsupervised. Why is there 5th graders dressing like hookers? Because you bought the clothes. Why are children disrespectful?  Because you allow them to talk that way. Why do we still have guys walking around wearing thier pants down to thier knees? No seriously why?? I’LL TELL YOU WHY. Because no one has told them how stupid they look to thier face. We will make passive aggressive Memes about them and facebook posts about how ridiculous they look but just Saturday I saw a guy at the mall wearing red skinny jeans completely down to his knees. I came close but I didn’t have time for his reply. He looked stupid and that’s why people are stereotyped. That is a different subject for a different day. But back to my point his momma failed. I don’t care what it takes my kid will never walk around in life looking like that.  Not because I’m  intolerant but because I am against making a person who is potentially good looking look dumb therefore making them ugly.
    Why are your kids upset when they grow up and don’t get the primo vacation slots when they get a job? Because you gave them a participation metal. Who in the hell came up with this?? Had this been in effect when I was in school I would have been able to play basketball.  I sucked so I didn’t make the team. Why did I suck? Because I didn’t know how to play the game, I didn’t practice and I thought I could get on the team anyway. I was wrong.
      I was in the 6th grade. I was short skin and bones and I knew nothing about basketball. I still don’t for that matter. But I remember saying Dad I want to play basketball.  Instead of going with his usual parenting style this time he said ok I’ll take you to tryouts.
     I knew these things about basketball. There is this round ball. It’s orange. You dribble it… with one hand.  You somehow make it to the basket and you throw it. These things did not make me a basketball player, nore did they make me have a clue how the game was played.
     There I was, the most inexperienced girl there. But as usual I said I can wing this. I can make the team. You’ve got to give it to me. For a girl with low self esteem at the time I had balls.
     I showed up to tryouts and one by one the girls who had ever played figured out that I have never played ever. I remember the older ones that were in the 8th grade feeling sorry for me. I remember them trying to talk me out of it. They said you’ll embarass yourself. I was for certain I could make it and I would learn as I went. So here we were it was my turn to run a drill that the coach just showed us. I kept playing it in my mind over and over… it was too late and I was in dream world. I had already forgot what he said and I couldn’t figure it out from watching. Reality slapped me right in the face. I had no clue why I was here and what I was doing. It was my turn.
     The ball was passed to me and I’m on the court. I’m trying my best not to cry because I had no clue what to do next so I look up at my dad who is in the bleachers and give him a shrug and he mouths dribble the ball down the court and pass it. So instantly I knew I can do this. My dad gave me the nod and down the court I went. I could barely dribble the ball and I passed it alright. No where near the girl I needed to and soon tryouts were over. 
     If you made it to round two your name was posted on a list on the gym door for you to stay after school and just so you wouldn’t be confused a list of people who were cut taped right next to it.  They didn’t give me a ribbon for participating but what they did give me was an immediate cut from the tryouts. No one was there to say I can’t believe you didn’t make it you did so good. I wouldn’t of believe them if they had. I don’t even think my dad even asked me if I made the second cut. We just knew. I sucked and if I ever wanted to play basketball it should be in the comfort of my own yard… where no one could see me, because it was embarrassing. 
     So stop coddling the youth. Let them make thier mistakes, skin thier knees,
tryout for basketball and when they fail let them feel that without lying to them about it.  No one should get a participation ribbon. No trophies for those who just showed up. Stop letting the little boys wear dresses and then getting pissed that they were beat up. Raise your kids by teaching them to be knowledgeable.  Teach them to know right from wrong. Teach them to help others.  Teach them to be kind. Teach them that there are mean people everywhere not just in school because I know some seriously mean adults. Teach them how to deal with mean people the right way but above all for the love of all that is Holy… quit raising wimps.


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