Bandwagons birth control and Hobby Lobby

     So im beating my brain against the wall with all this Hobby lobby crap, trying to figure out what the problem is. It sounds mildly familiar and I know what is about to happen. A friggin bandwagon is about to stomp across my facebook feed. I am friends with some of the most well educated amazing people but when I comes to religion about half of them just drop IQ points drastically. Don’t get mad at me yet.. wait for it
     Lets hear it shall we? The newest bandwagon that is about to approach the station is a fancy one.  It has all the key points to lure you in. This one has religion, oooh it said abortion, its against the president and the imposed insurance… ding, ding, ding!!! WE HAVE A BANDWAGON FOLKS… ALL ABORD! 
     So quickly we are to jump first and ask questions or ask no questions ever.


Hobby Lobby or the finding family feel that forcing them to give insurance coverage to thier employees imposes on thier religious freedoms.  I say BULLSHIT. Yes you read that right bullshit. 100% grade A sweep you right into a bandwagon bullshit… and this is why. They are apposed because the insurance will cover birthcontrol, emergency contraception and abortions. Now under healthcare laws the only thing new here is emergency contraception which you can buy at walmart 7 days a week for about $65 with no insurance.  Are you against Walmart? Are you picketing outside thier doors? Hell no you aren’t and why? I’ll tell you why… because you’re a bandwagoner who is easily manipulated into doing what the petitioner wants as long as you don’t physically have to do anything.
     Let’s look at this closer from another angle. Let’s say again that this is purely for religious freedoms.  Ok I’ll humor you again. Let’s not force hobby lobby to go against its core values but lets ignore the core beliefs of anyone who works for them. I believe its against the law to hire just Christians. On that understanding they are imposing thier religious beliefs on the company as a whole. By refusing to cover thier employees with health care coverage they are in turn forcing them into ObamaCare which continues to cover the same things they are against. Which by the way the only way to get out of any of these coverages is to not have any health care of any kind and then you become my problem and im sick of paying for you so cut it out.
     Also, at the same angle as devout christians this could also be seen as turning away from the sick. In that case you are completely going against the teachings for personal agenda… which brings me to my final point. To say they are opposed to providing health care for religious freedoms is a far cry from what I believe is really going on. Money. The root of all evil is known to all no matter what religion you are. If forced to provide health care they stand to lose billions.


Will I stop shopping there? Probably not. The day I go and get my religion from a hobby lobby is the day I choose apples instead of fries at a McDonald’s.


So make sure you support hobby lobby by not shopping at any place with a pharmacy that might carry emergency contraception or birth control cause some of those can be used as an EC… you get it?  Just in case one more…


If this has ever been you… stay off the bandwagon. It’s not your fight to support.



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