Life is too short. Have fun.

     So my actual birthday was yesterday. I turned 34. Under no circumstances I would never say that was an old age. I’ve never been one to place any value on the number of years I have existed. As a nurse I’ve taken care of people who were 90 years old that I was sure they could beat me at any physical sport.
     This year though the thoughts of turning 34 made me cringe. The thoughts made me shrink down and actually be sad about it.  I said to myself self what the hell is wrong with you? And as any crazy person would I answered. You have lived almost 34 years of your life. And in these 34 years you never got to do hardly anything you said you would do before you were 30. Number one being going out and having a 21st birthday bash.
     When I was 21 lets just face it. I had no girlfriends. I had no one to go out with or talk to. Im not having a pity party or anything but until years later after I was married did I find people that I could call friends. I had my husband though and we went to Pigeon Forge, TN for my 21st birthday.
    That sounds friggin awesome until you realize that Pigeon Forge is dry. We made that realization and drove up the road the night of my birthday to a liquor store in Gatlinburg,  TN. I walked into this place like I owned it. I knew nothing of what I should get so I bought some beer and wine coolers and my husband and I returned to our hotel room where I drank 2 wine coolers and fell asleep.


This was us, 21 and dumb.

     Fast forward to present day. Last Saturday I decided that life is too short. Its time for a Do over. A girls night out fake 21st birthday.


It was perfect and made me appreciate my age. Im 3rd from the left. The people with me are younger than me in different degrees. I was carded. I told people I was 21. Those drunk bastards ate it up. I was given stories of survival from the “elders”. These people who were mostly 10 years younger than me believed I was 21 and partied with me like it was my 21st birthday party.  I was bought drinks and we danced and I stood on many objects. 
     At one point I was in a heated discussion with a obviously drunk 22 year old who did not believe I was 21. He thought I was younger. We fought back and forth on this one for a bit. Until I showed him my ID. 


   This is the genuine smile on my face after I watched his face as he had to figure out my real age. He mumbled not 21… older? He looked at me confused and said well played. That was the best present of the night. It proved everything I set out to prove to myself. Age is irrelevant.  You are who you are and the age only limits you if you let it.  So I fixed this area of my life. In one night I changed my view on my age, on age in general really. Did someone say shots? Errrrbody….



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