Bio: I am a mother of 3. I try not to let that define me but its a huge part of my life so its usually the first thing I say. Im also a Registered Nurse, an artist, a photographer and you could pretty much add maid, peace keeper, boo boo kisser and cook to that list. Im a sarcastic person with a big bleeding heart. My favorite quote is "The truth will first piss you off, then it will set you free." Im not big into sugar coating. I will tell you how it is. I have a potty mouth and everyday it gets worse. So if cursing offends you im sorry. Its just the way I talk and sometimes I don't even know I say what I say... words just come out of my mouth like diarrhea. Im that person that people ask advice from 50 times a day. On the flip side of that... I follow hardly any of my advice. But others do and it works for them. I decided to write this blog because so many things happen to me on a daily basis and im constantly saying, "you can't make this shit up". So many people have simular stories and it nade me feel comforted that I wasnt alone out there. This shit happens to others. This will be a random blog. Sometimes I may talk about my kids or life in general. I am also on the largest life style change of my life (its not a friggin diet) so you may hear about that too. I work in a hospital as a RN and things happen. Shit happens. Enough said.... but above all this is Bethys World. (Sing it like elmo now hate me later for that God forsaken song stuck in your head. Youre welcome) This is my world. Come listen to me rant... cause honestly you can't make this shit up.

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